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TruHearing® moves to make hearing benefits as prevalent as vision and dental coverage

TruHearing has partnered with Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® to introduce a hearing health insurance plan, giving benefits professionals the opportunity to offer hearing benefits as an ancillary offering, similar to vision or dental. With this strategic move, TruHearing is boosting access to hearing health benefits for employers, public sector groups and unions and elevating the importance of hearing health care. This plan provides health insurance coverage in the form of fixed indemnity benefits for hearing exams and hearing aids. Premium can be paid for by an employer or by the employee. It is available as a stand-alone benefit or can be packaged with other ancillary benefits.

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Hearing Loss Workplace Survey

TruHearing® survey reveals struggles of those with hearing loss during phone and video calls are underestimated.

As remote working continues to be a widespread norm, challenges communicating over the phone and during video calls has taken on new importance, yet many employees may be underestimating the difficulty that untreated hearing loss may be creating in these situations. According to a new research study by TruHearing, the market leader in hearing benefits, 77% of employees who are wearing hearing aids agree that they find telephone and video calls easier to follow and catch more of the discussion now that they wear hearing aids, yet only 45% initially identified this as a challenge they faced while working prior to wearing hearing aids.

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hearing aid accessories

Hearing aid accessories

Enhance your hearing aid experience with the use of accessories. The following are available from most manufacturers.  TV Streamer Stream audio from your TV directly

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