Hearing benefits can improve overall health and wellness.

Hearing benefits make hearing care affordable and accessible to your members. Healthy hearing is a critical piece of overall health and wellness. Partnering with TruHearing® can lower costs, improve your network, and increase plan satisfaction.

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The impact of untreated hearing loss.

Hearing loss is on the rise. Left untreated, hearing loss has the potential to impact every facet of life—from social isolation to workplace productivity and safety to increased health risks.

High prevalence

More than 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, including 1 in 4 adults between 20 – 69 and over 1 in 3 adults over the age of 75. Sadly, most wait 4+ years to treat their hearing loss.*

Health risks

People with untreated hearing loss are at greater risk for falls (5-8x) and dementia (2-5x). Depression and social isolation are also linked to hearing loss.*

Lower productivity

37% of people with hearing loss say they lose 5+ hours of productivity per week.*

Why TruHearing®? We’re glad you asked.

TruHearing is your trusted partner for hearing health and wellness. With over 19 years of experience, we understand how to build programs for segments that meet your unique needs and saves both members and plans money.

Customizable solutions

No matter how you structure your benefit, we offer low-cost, easy-to-implement programs tailored to suit your needs.

Latest technology

Our product selection includes all hearing aid models from the top 6 manufacturers, including the latest features and high-tech options. We also offer advanced online hearing screening and an integrated smartphone app to ensure your members get the greatest value from their hearing aids.

Professional care

In person and teleaudiology* options are available across our network of over 7,000 provider locations.

Total account support

TruHearing provides dedicated account management and implementation teams to ensure seamless integration with your systems and effective communication with you and your members. Our partners ranked their satisfaction with TruHearing a 9.8 out of 10.*

19 years

with the nation’s largest payors

#1 rated

customer experience*

160+ million

lives covered nationwide


health plan


credentialed provider locations

HITRUST® CSF Certification

TruHearing’s Echo platform, infrastructure, headquarters, and colocation facility have achieved HITRUST’s CSF Certification. We constantly refine our compliance procedures to enhance security and threat management while reinforcing our position as a trusted partner. 

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Hearing programs as unique as your members.

At TruHearing, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our flexible, innovative program structures help to control the cost of both hearing aids and hearing care—but that’s just the beginning. We meet our partner’s needs by being able to customize our programs; from cost structure to product catalog to administration model and more.

Flexible hearing programs.

Flexible allowance, tiered co-pay, or co-insurance benefit structures

Options exist for different budgets and customization of member out-of-pocket cost

Customizable formulary options with hundreds of products from the top six leading manufacturers at significantly discounted prices

Multiple pricing options are available including Per Member Per Month (PMPM) and Fee-For-Service (FFS)

* Additionally, a value-add discount only offering is available, saving members 30-60% off retail on hearing aids

TruHearing was able to integrate their program into ours with minimal operational resources, saving us valuable time and money and giving the beneficiaries a value-added benefit

TruHearing health plan partner

The hidden cost of hearing loss.

Large out-of-pocket costs prevent many members from seeking treatment. When hearing loss goes untreated it costs members and the health plan. Hearing benefits help members get the treatment they need.


On average, untreated hearing loss leads to $22,000 in additional healthcare costs over a 10-year period.*


80% of people that would benefit from a hearing aid don’t have one.*


On average, TruHearing customers save $2,642 on a pair of hearing aids.*

Partnering with TruHearing can enhance your benefit offering.

Learn how one partner was able to lower costs, improve their provider network, and elevate their member experience as a result of working with TruHearing.

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