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TruHearing® announces alliance with VFW

Veterans and military service members gain access to broad range of hearing healthcare benefits

DRAPER, UTAH – July 28, 2022—TruHearing, the market leader in hearing healthcare benefits¹, continues to expand access to hearing healthcare through its recent alliance with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), a nonprofit combat veterans’ service organization. This new relationship will help provide hearing healthcare to over a million veterans and military service members, a population consistently at higher risk and incidence of hearing loss.

Through TruHearing, VFW members and their families are now able to quickly access free audiological exams and follow-up visits from a convenient network of more than 7,000 provider locations, with remote care and telehealth services available, as well as hearing aids from the top six leading manufacturers at discounted prices, including free batteries.  

“This important relationship allows TruHearing to give back in a small way to our military service members who have given so much to protect our freedoms. Among their many sacrifices, hearing loss is a common repercussion from acute noise exposure, which impacts their quality of life long after their active service,” said Tommy Macdonald, CEO, TruHearing. According to a study by the Noise Research Network, a significant 62.7% of military personnel experience at least slight hearing loss.2

This new relationship will help VFW members and their families easily access the hearing care they need, allowing them to prioritize their hearing health and prevent future damage while also avoiding unnecessary costs. Treatment of hearing loss can also lower the risk of other health and safety concerns, from undiagnosed diseases to falling accidents, depression, social isolation, anxiety and dementia.

“Working with the VFW helps us provide even more people with quality and affordable hearing healthcare, ensuring they can quickly access the care and treatment they need to improve their quality of life,” said Macdonald.  

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1. Based on an analysis of hearing aid units sold by TruHearing and its affiliates compared to other hearing benefits providers. September 2021.

2. Orru, H., Luha, A., Pindus, M., Jõgeva, R., Vahisalu, M., Lekk, U., Indermitte, E., & Merisalu, E. (2020). Hearing loss among military personnel in relation to occupational and leisure noise exposure and usage of personal protective equipment. Noise & health, 22(107), 90–98.

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