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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people, including those in the workforce, experience hearing loss and its consequences. With 18 years of industry experience and more lives covered than any other hearing benefit administrator, TruHearing is uniquely positioned to develop hearing care solutions for all segments including Commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and more.

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Hearing health coverage is more than a hearing aid.

More than 38 million Americans live with hearing loss. It’s an issue that can isolate them from the life they love. It’s also linked to costly problems like depression, falls, and even workplace safety incidents.

To help employees and members treat their hearing loss, many forward-thinking employer groups and unions offer coverage for hearing health. Covering hearing health enables significant savings for both parties.

TruHearing is the leader in hearing health and wellness. We offer low-cost, easy-to-implement programs, customized to meet your needs. Our flexible solutions make better hearing health affordable—and accessible—so everyone can rediscover the richness of life.

Why TruHearing? We’re glad you asked.

TruHearing is your trusted partner for hearing health and wellness. With 18 years of experience, we understand how to build unique programs across market segments which saves employees, members, and plans money. In fact, 85% of employees and members report a more favorable view of their benefit offering as a result of using TruHearing.*
*Q2 2020 NPS Survey

Solutions to meet
your needs

No matter how you structure your benefit, we offer low-cost, easy-to-implement programs tailored to suit your unique needs.

The latest

Our product selection includes hearing aid models from the top six manufacturers, including the latest features and high-tech options. We also offer advanced online hearing screening and an integrated smartphone app to help your employees and members get the most out of their hearing aids.

Professional care

In person and teleaudiology options are available across our network of 7,000 provider locations.

Total account support

TruHearing provides dedicated account management and implementation teams to ensure seamless integration with your systems and effective communication with you and your members. Our partners ranked their satisfaction with TruHearing a 9.8 out of 10.

Learn how our innovative hearing health programs can help you attract more employees and members, provide a seamless member experience, and save money.

18 years

with the nation’s largest payers

#1 rated

customers experience*

160 million+

lives covered nationwide


credentialed provider locations

Innovative, flexible hearing health coverage.

Hearing loss is a common problem, but the solution is unique for every individual. Your hearing coverage should be just as unique.

At TruHearing, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our flexible, innovative program structures help to control the cost of both hearing aids and hearing care—but that’s just the beginning. We’ll work with you to design a program that makes sense for you and your people, from cost structure to pricing catalog and administration model.

Benefit programs to meet every hearing need.

Flexible allowance or tiered cost structures
Customizable formulary options with hundreds of products from TruHearing and the top six leading manufacturers
Options exist for different budgets and customization of employee and member out-of-pocket cost
Multiple pricing options are available including: Per Member Per Month (PMPM), Fee for Service (FFS), Administrative Services Only (ASO), and full insured
* Additionally, a value-add discount offering is available, saving employees and members 30-60% off retail on hearing aids.

Call now to start building a hearing program your employees and members will truly value.

TruHearing has been a pleasure to work with. From the quoting process, in evaluating savings and network to implementation… The participants get the very best benefit and our client gets substantial savings. A win for everyone! TruHearing has earned to be our first choice in hearing providers.”

Bob Crisan
Senior Benefits Consultant
The Timberland Group

Hearing loss affects more lives than most realize.

Hearing loss is on the rise, and not only an issue for those over 65. Common environmental factors—like loud working conditions and constant headphone usage—play an increasing role in hearing loss.

Left untreated, hearing loss has the potential to impact every facet of life—from social isolation and loss of workplace productivity to increased health risks. Even with these risks, the high out-of-pocket cost to treat hearing loss is a barrier many people can’t overcome.

>69 years old

Of the 38 million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, most are under 69 years of age.


Among people with hearing loss, 70% don’t take steps to treat it. Those who do wait an average of 6 years.

30% -> 61%

Nearly one-third (30%) of all noise-exposed workers have hearing loss. That figure rises to 40% for workers aged 55-65 and 61% for those aged 66-75.


With hearing health coverage, individuals are 67% more likely to adopt hearing aids.

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    The industry leading online hearing screening

    TruHearing provides your members with an extremely accurate online hearing screening.

    The TruHearing online hearing screening sidesteps members’ typical barriers to hearing healthcare by providing a private, accessible online screener. The quick, simple-to-use screener gives members immediate information about their hearing health.


    Screening Accuracy



    Accuracy for ears with loss



    Accuracy for good ears

    The leading brands

    In addition to our own industry-leading hearing aids, TruHearing works with the world’s top manufacturers to give your members a vast range of high-quality choices—regardless of budget or level of hearing loss.

    We’re committed to your members’ needs, so you can rest assured that every hearing aid we offer is built to fit more comfortably, perform better, and last longer than ever before.

    Learn more about our manufacturers


    State-of-the-art technology

    Hearing aids are typically divided into four levels of technology: Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Each level offers a different range of features and connectivity, and each is best suited to different listening environments.

    Premium devices offer the most advanced capabilities with the greatest customization. Advanced models are great for challenging settings like restaurants or family gatherings, while Standard hearing aids perform well in everyday environments like home and work.


    Innovative features include:

    Motion sensors
    Health tracking
    Direct phone streaming
    Music streaming
    And more…
    HITRUST Certification

    HITRUST® CSF Certification

    TruHearing’s Echo platform and supporting infrastructure, as well as its headquarters in Draper, Utah and colocation facility in Bluffdale, Utah, have achieved the HITRUST CSF Certification from HITRUST. We constantly refine our compliance procedures to enhance security and threat management, and reinforce our position as a trusted partner. 

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