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TruHearing® moves to make hearing benefits as prevalent as vision and dental coverage

TruHearing now offers an insured option for hearing benefits

DRAPER, Utah, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/—TruHearing has partnered with Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® to introduce a hearing health insurance plan, giving benefits professionals the opportunity to offer hearing benefits as an ancillary offering, similar to vision or dental. With this strategic move, TruHearing is boosting access to hearing health benefits for employers, public sector groups and unions and elevating the importance of hearing health care. This plan provides health insurance coverage in the form of fixed indemnity benefits for hearing exams and hearing aids. Premium can be paid for by an employer or by the employee. It is available as a stand-alone benefit or can be packaged with other ancillary benefits.

“We want hearing insurance to be just as accessible as dental or vision benefits, because, for those who need it, hearing loss treatment is just as critical,” said Tommy Macdonald, CEO, TruHearing. “Cost is the number one barrier to seeking hearing care,[1] so offering hearing insurance can make a tremendous difference in helping employees get the treatment they need, plus avoid the costly health and work productivity issues that arise when people put off care.”

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), more than half (51%) of adults reported having hearing problems, but only 11% of them have sought treatment.[2] With this insured offering, the hearing exam is completely covered through TruHearing’s referral network, and employees have access to makes and models of hearing aids by all major manufacturers at highly discounted* rates. Those who don’t see a provider within the TruHearing referral network may not be completely covered. Benefit Plan decision makers can select from coverage levels of up to $1,200/ear.

TruHearing provides extensive support to employees and employers throughout the process. Each insurance plan participant is paired with a Hearing Consultant who will help find the ideal hearing care provider. Hearing Consultants provide their name and direct phone number to support the participant with any additional needs during and after the process. Employers receive comprehensive administrative support for their plan, including seamless onboarding, and employee marketing materials, such as benefit summaries and open enrollment materials.

“Not only is offering a hearing benefit the right thing to do, but it can also save employers money through increased employee productivity and reduced healthcare costs, since untreated hearing loss can impact mental health3,” said Macdonald. “Research has shown that hearing aids may lower the risk of depression and anxiety by as much as 11% compared to individuals without hearing aids4.”

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About TruHearing
TruHearing is the leader in hearing healthcare benefits, serving more than 160 million people nationwide. With a highly qualified referral network of hearing care providers combined with the most extensive and technologically advanced hearing aid selection, white-glove service, and pre- and post-care support, TruHearing delivers premium value and service to payors and people with hearing health challenges. Headquartered in Draper, Utah, TruHearing has been improving lives by making hearing healthcare more affordable for more than 18 years and has been recognized as a “Top Workplace” in the state for five consecutive years. TruHearing is licensed to sell a fully-insured hearing policy underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®. TruHearing is not an insurance company.

*Discounts are not an insured benefit.

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  2. Poll of 2,500 adults ages 18 and older commissioned by ASHA and conducted by YouGov in mid-March 2021.
  3. JAMA Network. 2020, “Association of Hearing Loss with Psychological Distress and Utilization of Mental Health Services Among Adults in the United States.
  4. “Study links hearing aids to lower risk of dementia, depression & falls; only 1 in 8 older adults with hearing loss have one.” 2019.

Group Hearing Indemnity Insurance policies are underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®, Kansas City, MO (Policy No. HC-120/HC-121, Policy Form No. M-9089/M-9091)

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[1] Online survey conducted by TruHearing of 270 employed consumers with hearing loss, May 2021.
[2] Poll of 2,500 adults ages 18 and older commissioned by ASHA and conducted by YouGov in mid-March 2021.

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