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Hearing Damage – A Guide to Everyday Sounds

hearing damage - playing an instrument

Human ears are amazing. From the loudest jet engine to the quietest pin drop, they capture a humongous range of sound. But like many fine-tuned machines, they can become damaged over time with too much use.

Like car tires, the more you use your ears, the more you wear them down. Except you can’t replace your ears every 50,000 miles. Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone for good.

That’s why it’s important to protect your ears from too much overstimulation.

If you’re aware of the types of noise that can hurt you ears, you’ll be able to protect them better. For example, using earplugs to protect your ears at a rock concert, around a woodshop, or near a motorcycle can decrease your chance of developing hearing loss.

Take a minute to go over the chart below and think about the sounds you hear every day. How can you lower your risk of developing hearing loss?

Hearing damage infographic

If you think you may already have hearing loss, give TruHearing a call at (801) 938-1117. We’ll set up an appointment for you with a local hearing healthcare provider and save you quite a  bit of money if you find out you need hearing aids.

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