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Hearing Loss Workplace Survey

TruHearing® survey reveals struggles of those with hearing loss during phone and video calls are underestimated.

As remote working continues to be a widespread norm, challenges communicating over the phone and during video calls has taken on new importance, yet many employees may be underestimating the difficulty that untreated hearing loss may be creating in these situations. According to a new research study by TruHearing, the market leader in hearing benefits, 77% of employees who are wearing hearing aids agree that they find telephone and video calls easier to follow and catch more of the discussion now that they wear hearing aids, yet only 45% initially identified this as a challenge they faced while working prior to wearing hearing aids.

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Hearing Loss and Isolation

Why Offering a Hearing Health Benefit Is Essential in the Pandemic Rob Gibbs, SVP, Sales and Account Management, TruHearing When reports of COVID-19 first surfaced

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How hearing loss in the workplace can affect productivity

As signs of hearing loss build over time, frequent misses and mistakes can take a toll on workers and their employers in the form of reduced productivity. In its first annual “Hearing in the Workplace” survey, TruHearing, the market leader in hearing benefits, surveyed working individuals and explored the impact of untreated hearing loss on their productivity. The study found that almost all respondents reported significant challenges to doing their jobs prior to wearing hearing aids.

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