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Hearing Benefit Solutions – I Heard a Bird Yesterday

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“It’s actually two lives you’ve saved; his and mine!”

Truhearing’s hearing benefit solutions keep you fully engaged in life by making hearing healthcare affordable and accessible. We love to be able to change lives and hear how our hearing benefits have helped those in need. The following is a thank you from one of our satisfied customers:

Dear TruHearing,

Because of you, my husband heard a bird yesterday…the first time he’s heard that sound in seven years.

My name is Susan and I want to take a moment to thank you with all my heart for offering assistance to those needing hearing aids.

The aids my husband already had we knew to be outdated & dying. We repeatedly priced new hearing aids but we could not afford what we were told he needed. On the flip side, we made too much income to qualify for veteran’s assistance.

Without being able to hear, my husband became isolated & resentful. He often embarrassed himself at group gatherings because he misunderstood conversations, so he simply quit socializing or joining any volunteer opportunities. There were several times that our safety was compromised because he couldn’t hear. I was his lone contact with the hearing world, which was incredible pressure for me. Our marriage suffered greatly and I was despondent that our “golden years” together would end with bitterness & anger.

Then, you made a miracle possible for us.

Because of your discount offer, we could afford good hearing aids. My husband’s continuing care has also been nothing less than exceptional.

In the last month, this proud man is now seeking out social activities! The “volume” in our home has lowered times 10 as has any discord. He can hear children & women’s voices again and yesterday, he called me at work to tell me that he had heard a bird! His quality of life is returning, but it’s actually two lives you’ve saved; his and mine!

Long ago I read that Helen Keller was once asked what she would choose if she could have her sight or her hearing restored? Without hesitation, she chose her hearing.

I just don’t have words adequate enough to express the gratitude we both feel that you’ve offered this program. Thank you. Thank you.

In less than 5 minutes you can find out how your hearing is doing. Check your hearing and learn how Truhearing can help change your life with our hearing benefit solutions.

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