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How to Use Your FSA to Improve Your Hearing

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For those of you with a flex spending account (FSA) through your employer’s health insurance program, it may be time to use those dollars to improve your hearing before the end of the year.

Depending on the way your FSA is set up, the total amount of money you’ve accrued throughout the year may or may not rollover into next year. If you’ve accrued the maximum amount of $2,500 in your FSA this year, that money could pay for an entire pair of hearing aids at TruHearing prices. If you have a use-it-or-lose-it FSA, that $2,500 will disappear on January 1st.

Maybe you don’t need a new pair of hearing aids. That’s okay. Did you know you can also use your FSA to pay for other hearing assistive devices and accessories? Hearing aid remote controls, TV streaming devices, Bluetooth streaming devices, and more can all be purchased through TruHearing with your FSA.

If you’ve been thinking about syncing your hearing aids to your cell phone or TV, consider taking advantage of your FSA and give yourself an early Christmas present.

Check with your employer to find out the accrued amount in your FSA, and take this opportunity to upgrade your hearing before the end of the year.

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