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TruHearing Survey Reveals Hearing Benefits Can Sweeten the Pot for Recruitment and Retention

DRAPER, UTAH–June 5, 2024–As recruitment and retention remain a top priority among U.S. employers, a new study reveals that hearing benefits can offer a powerful boost to companies looking to attract top quality candidates and keep them around longer.

In the fourth annual Hearing Loss in the Workplace Survey conducted by TruHearing, the market leader in hearing healthcare benefits, a third of working Americans[1] (34%) report they would be more likely to consider working for an employer who offered hearing benefits. This consideration is even greater in the area of retention, with 40% of employees reporting they would be more likely to stay with their current employer if they were offered hearing benefits.

“Employees want to work for an employer who values their wellness both in and out of the office, and that means providing them with access to healthcare that enables them to live and work to their fullest potential,” said Ryan Baum, VP of Business Growth at TruHearing. “Hearing is an integral part of our overall health and wellness, just like vision and dental. I urge employers to recognize the workplace challenges associated with untreated hearing loss–lower productivity, avoiding collaboration, difficulty engaging with colleagues­–and consider the meaningful impact hearing benefits can make for both current employees, and in attracting and retaining new ones.”

Hearing healthcare is a strongly desired benefit among working adults, with 79% agreeing it is important for employers to offer hearing benefits as part of their overall employee benefits package. Between loud concerts, sporting events, or daily headphone use, hearing loss is affecting people at younger ages. In fact, hearing loss among Gen Z is already at 17%[2], and addressing the health needs of this generation will be increasingly important as they continue to populate the workforce. Employers who offer a hearing benefit have an opportunity to stand out to candidates and current employees given that only 11% of employees report that their employer offers hearing benefits.

“The top priority of ALL my clients is recruitment and retention, and they are always looking for fresh ways to help differentiate their benefits package,” said Michelle Ruff, Vice President of Corporate Benefits at NFP. “Hearing benefits are not only a low-cost addition, but research clearly shows they can have a positive impact for both current and prospective employees.”

High-quality, entry level hearing healthcare programs through TruHearing start as low as $.05 PMPM, which is a fraction of the price of typical vision and dental plans.

“As the workforce prepares to welcome a wave of new employees following graduation season, it’s important to think about what employees truly want and need to perform at their highest level,” added Baum. “It’s apparent that hearing benefits should not be left off the table.”

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[1] Hearing Loss in the Workplace Survey. 2024


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