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Hearing Aid Myths Debunked

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It is estimated that as many as 35 million people have hearing loss. Yet only 8-10 million actually wear hearing aids. The discrepancy is due in large part to misconceptions or misplaced fears about hearing aids. We want to dispel a few of these hearing aid myths so that you and your loved one can live life more fully.

Myth No. 1: Hearing aids are too expensive

Fact: The scope of your hearing loss and your individual lifestyle can both influence the price you’ll pay for hearing aids. For example, if you work in an area with constant background noise you may need advanced noise cancellation or speech enhancement features, which could make your hearing aids more expensive. On the other hand, if you just need to be able to hear the TV better and increase the sound quality when talking on the phone, you’ll need fewer features and your hearing aids may cost less.

Fortunately, here at TruHearing, we’re trying to bring the price down for all types of hearing aids. Also, many hearing health professionals offer financing on hearing aids that can make them more affordable.

There are many more affordable pricing options available today than there were 10 years ago. Shop around and you’ll see that hearing aids can be affordable no matter your budget or lifestyle.

Myth No. 2: Hearing aids are too big and too noticeable when worn

Fact: No one likes feeling old. And you may feel embarrassed to walk down the street with big, plastic hearing aids hanging behind your ear like your grandfather. In the past, hearing aids were extremely conspicuous, but modern hearing aids are smaller and less clunky. Many modern hearing aids, called “completely in the canal” hearing aids (or CICs) are even so small they’re nearly invisible when worn deep inside your ear. Check with your hearing health provider to find out if a CIC is an option for your type of hearing loss.

Myth No. 3: Hearing aids only work in quiet settings and can’t help in noisy situations with background noise

Fact: Just as the design has changed over the years, hearing aid technology is light-years away from what it was just 10 years ago. Today’s technology makes it possible for a hearing aid to isolate and enhance speech while cancelling out background noises and feedback. Modern technology makes it enjoyable for you to go out to your favorite restaurant again and have a simple conversation.

Today, hearing aids are not as scary or cumbersome as they were just a few years ago. It might take some encouragement to get you or your family member to see a hearing specialist. But the results can be truly life-changing.

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