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I Am Happy and Proud to Tell People That I Wear a Hearing Aid

Wear a Hearing Aid - Dolores Petersen

I got a hearing aid about three weeks ago for my left ear. I am 68 years old, and I have had problems with hearing for a long time, but I kept putting it off. Now I simply LOVE my hearing aid. I go for walks, and I can hear the birds chirping. I hear cars near me. I can hear people talking to me without saying, “What? Excuse me?”—embarrassing to have to have people repeat more than once.

I love my watching television with my husband without the level having to go over 70! I can hear my car’s turn signal, wow! And I did know that our clock in the kitchen that had the sound of birds chirping every hour worked. When I finally heard them, I was so excited because I thought the clock worked but the sound did not.

Without my hearing aid, it was getting to the point where I really did not want to go places. But now I have my confidence back, and I want to do things again.

My dad lost his hearing many years ago and would not wear his hearing aids, and I used to get upset with him. But he had the old version that caused more problems for him when they they were in his ears. He constantly took them out or simply did not wear them. The new ones out now are so much better. I wish now that since I have this hearing problem that I would have been more understanding with him because I totally get it now, but he is no longer around for me to tell him that.

I am happy and proud to tell people that I wear a hearing aid, and my daughter had to look real close to even see that I had one in!

Thank you for making me happy again.

What is kind of funny is that my 90-year-old mom hears a lot better than I do without a hearing aid. Go figure! We joke about that.

Keep enjoying life like I do!

—Dolores Petersen, Buffalo, New York

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