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How to Extend Your Hearing Aid Battery Life in 4 Easy Steps

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You probably don’t want to pay more for batteries than you have to. So here are a few simple tricks to extend your hearing aid battery:

1. Store your batteries in a dry place at room temperature. Don’t store them in the refrigerator or freezer where they can get clogged with moisture. At the same time, temperatures that are too high deplete battery life, so avoid leaving them in a hot car or next to a heating vent.

2. Wait to open your batteries until you’re ready to use them. Keeping them in the packaging ensures they stay dry and won’t lose their charge. If batteries are loose in a purse or pocket, they can come in contact with keys or other metal objects that will shorten their life.

3. When you put new batteries in your hearing aids, remove the sticky tab on the back of the batteries and let them sit for at least 2 minutes before putting them in your aids. Hearing aid batteries are air activated; if you let them sit for a few minutes, they’ll have a chance to fully activate before being put into use.

Letting your batteries air activate will generally add up to 18 hours of charge to their life!

4. Open the battery door on your hearing aids when you take them out at night. When you open the battery door all the way, you turn the hearing aids completely off. That way you can save the battery life for the times when you’re actively using them during the day.

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