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5 heartwarming hearing aid success stories

Man in a fishing trip

Thanks to everyone who entered our Love to Hear Sweepstakes. We enjoyed reading all your beautiful, heartwarming, and sometimes humorous stories about all the sounds you love to hear with your hearing aids. And congratulations to the winner of our drawing for the $100 gift card: Pat Gill of Tiffin, OH. Here is what Pat had to say:

“I have a 4-year-old grandson. He waited almost 3 years to start talking. When he finally said ‘I Love You,’ I heard it loud and clear. I cannot think of a better sound or a better reason to have purchased hearing aids! Thank You.”

So many of the entries you sent in described the wonderful sounds that you love hearing, like the chirping of birds in the early morning, the voices of small children and family members, and even simply being able to hear the TV again without blasting everyone else’s ears out! And so much more…

“I love to hear the sound of the fishing reel’s drag peeling out as I fight a big walleye and the splashing sounds as it’s being brought into the landing net out of the clear dark water.” – Herb Hoyer, Arlington Heights, IL

“There is a pause in my wife’s breathing, ever so slight, between the inhale and exhale. It slows like a gently towing river as she moves from exercising to resting. There is a hint of bashfulness in my teenage son’s voice as he says, “I love you, Dad,” before leaving for work. Mostly though, I love the wind, which before my hearing aids was mostly a visual phenomenon. It rattles the chimes, bellows the tarp, and whistles through the yard. I don’t take any of these for granted. I love these sounds, for they are the sounds of my life. I cherish them, for I know not how long my hearing aids will help me capture them, so I hold them dearly.” – Rick Neubauer, Simpsonville, SC

“I have been a nurse for over 36 years, including sixteen years as a School Nurse. I work with 450 elementary students and hearing what brought them to the Nurses’ Office has gotten harder and harder. I first identified a hearing deficiency when I was setting up my hearing screening equipment to screen sixty, four- and five-year-olds for Kindergarten. I tried the equipment out to ensure it was all in working order, and I couldn’t hear the pure tones! Fortunately, the audiologist I partner with for screenings identified the problem. I am so fortunate to have hearing aids, so I can hear the sweet and often quiet voices of the young children I am entrusted to care for in my school nursing practice.  The hearing aids make me a better nurse, and I can relate to the children in a more efficient and personable way! I love my hearing aids!” – Paula Petry, Gillette, WY

“TruHearing helped me with the process of getting my first hearing aid. I have learned to appreciate many sounds since that time, but the first sound I fell in love with was the sound of my own footsteps. I don’t think I remembered the last time I’d heard them—if ever. The day I got my aid, I was walking and kept hearing footsteps behind me. I thought I was being followed. When I stopped, the steps stopped. I looked behind me to see if perhaps someone was hiding when I stopped. Nope. It took me three stops before I realized that they were my own footsteps! I started crying. Since then, I have learned to file my steps, as well as many other sounds, into the category of “everyday noises.” But, sometimes I still walk just to listen to those steps of mine.” – Dawn Brown Porter, Davidsonville, MD

A big thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us. If you would like to read more, visit our Facebook page. We hope you continue to enjoy all the sounds that hearing aids help you hear.

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