What did you say?

Hearing loss means lost productivity at work.

If employees can’t hear, it’s hard to get things done. And if they fear the cost of hearing care, will they seek treatment?

Lost productivity

Hours reported lost per week making up for hearing loss challenges:*


of those with hearing loss say they lost 5+ hours per week


of those with hearing loss say they lost 10+ hours per week

Not seeking treatment

51% of adults report having hearing loss

But only 11% seek treatment

Top concerns employees have about hearing treatment *

After employees started wearing hearing aids:


Participated more and understood conversations better


Felt more collaborative and were more likely to work efficiently and effectively in a team environment


More easily maintained concentration and focus on the current task at hand

TruHearing has the solution

When employees get the hearing treatment they need, it boosts their health and well-being, and the employer’s bottom line through productivity gains.

TruHearing offers seamless benefit implementation, marketing support, and exceptional service.

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