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Hearing coverage, like other ancillary benefits, gives you a competitive advantage and an opportunity to prioritize whole-person health.

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Did you know that 51% of US adults report having hearing loss, but only 11% of them have sought treatment?* Additionally, hearing loss in the US is more prevalent than all types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.*

Hearing loss has hidden costs.

Letting hearing loss go untreated can take a significant toll on an individual’s life and health, including:

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46% higher healthcare costs for the plan, more inpatient stays, and greater risk for 30-day hospital readmission*
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Increased risk of psychological distress, loneliness and social isolation, and utilization of mental health services*
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Negative impacts in the workplace such as reduced productivity, absenteeism, and premature retirement*
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TruHearing Prescription Hearing Aids

Everyone deserves hearing care. We’re here to help.

Among people aged 20-69, 84% of those who could benefit from hearing aids have never worn them, with financial factors being a common barrier.* Hearing benefits help people reconnect to the richness of life. Like other ancillary benefits, such as vision or dental, offering hearing health coverage ensures you are competitive and providing benefits that improve overall health.

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TruHearing® offers configurable solutions to meet your needs:

  • • Flexible benefit solutions with copays, allowances, or other coverage options
  • • Value-optimizing formularies with technology from the top 6 manufacturers
  • • Affordable solution funding structured as fee-for-service (FFS) or per member per month (PMPM)
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TruHearing was able to integrate their program into ours with minimal operational resources, saving us valuable time and money and giving the beneficiaries a value-added benefit.”

—TruHearing partner

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Premier partnership.

TruHearing works to ensure our clients receive a flawless experience every step of the way. From customizing a solution to implementation and ongoing account support—we’re here to help.

  • • 20+ years of experience partnering with 85+ payors
  • • 4.7/5 satisfaction rate among payors*
  • • Hands-on, proactive support for implementation, administration, and marketing
  • • Mature compliance program, with broad experience completing audits
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The quality of life and getting hearing aids was fantastic because I really was starting to be able to understand more of what people were saying. Without the hearing aids, that was a challenge.”

—TruHearing customer

Customer commitment.

From the first phone call to ongoing education, TruHearing is here to ensure our customers have the guidance and support they need along their journeys to better hearing
  • • Ranked #1 in patient experience by providers*
  • • 78% of TruHearing customers are more likely to stay with their plan due to their TruHearing experience.*
  • • 7,250+ provider locations ensure 88% of the US population lives within 10 miles of a provider*
  • • NCQA accreditation in credentialing and recredentialing
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