TruHearing® App

Harmonize life with
your hearing aids.

The TruHearing app gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest by letting you tailor your personal preferences discreetly on your smartphone. Get motivated to do more by seeing Health Insights about your physical, social, and hearing activities.

You don’t have to leave home to stay in touch with your Hearing Care Professional. The TruHearing app lets you get support when you need it – even when you can’t make a visit in person.

Search for the TruHearing app in your phone's app store. 

Functionality at a Glance

Remote control icon

Remote Control

Change hearing programs, adjust volume and balance, and monitor device connection, and battery status.

Health insights icon

Health Insights

Know yourself better and see patterns in your physical and social activity.

Directional hearing icon

Directional Hearing

360° Spatial Configurator allows individual adjustment of directionality.

Connectivity and streaming icon

Connectivity and

Manage volume of audio streaming accessories like StreamLine TV and StreamLine Mic.

Virtual appointment icon

Virtual Appointments

Get support from your Hearing Care Professional when you need it – even if you can’t visit them in person. 

Telecare icon


Conveniently reach out to your Hearing Care Professional via text message, voice call, or video call.

Hearing lessons icon

Hearing Lessons

Improve your hearing experience and get used to your hearing aids at your own pace.

TruHearing App FAQs

Where can I find the TruHearing app?

Download the free TruHearing app from the Apple App Store® if you have an iPhone®, or from the Google Play Store if you use an Android™.

How often do my hearing aids send activity data to the app?

When connected to your phone by Bluetooth, your hearing aids will send activity data to the app every 15 minutes. Your hearing aids should be connected to the app at least once a day, since data is stored in the hearing aids for the last 24 hours.

To connect your hearing aids to Bluetooth, open the app and touch the Bluetooth icon.

Is the TruHearing app compatible with my hearing aids?

The Truhearing app is compatible with our TruHearing 19 and TruHearing 5 hearing aids. Physical, social, and hearing health insights are only available with TruHearing 5 hearing aids.

Is the TruHearing app compatible with my mobile device?

The TruHearing app is compatible with most Android (Android 5.0 and higher) and Apple (iOS version 11 and higher) devices.
You will find a list of recommended Android devices below.

What kind of adjustments can I make by using the TruHearing app?

You can:

• Change the hearing program and microphone volume level

• Adjust the sound balance (basses and trebles)

• Adjust the Tinnitus therapy signal (if available)

• Adjust the directionality of the hearing aid microphones individually by using the 360° Spatial Configurator

• Manage your audio streaming devices (e.g. StreamLine TV, StreamLine Mic, CROS devices, etc.) and control their volume discreetly

• Stay in closer contact with your hearing care professional and get individual remote support via TeleCare (a prior activation by your
  hearing care professional is needed)

The TruHearing app offers you a wide variety of individual adjustment options enabling further personalization of your
hearing experience.

What kind of permissions does the TruHearing app require and request?

Depending on your mobile device operating system and your hearing aid type, the TruHearing app may require some initial permissions like:

• Receiving notifications

• Allowing notifications from your HCP

• Accessing the motion & fitness activity

• Allowing improvements to your listening experience while you are moving, walking, or in any other activity

• Accessing location services (Note: No location data is transferred)

• Controlling the Bluetooth hearing aids remotely via the TruHearing app

• Using activity/movement/walking detection feature in the app

• Keeping the app running in the background

• Accessing the camera, audio, photos, media and files

• Receiving a video call from your hearing care professional–available upon prior activation by your hearing care professional

TruHearing App Compatibility

Apple devices:

The TruHearing® app is compatible with all Apple devices with the iOS version 9.3 and higher.

Android devices:

The TruHearing® app is compatible with most of the Android (Android 6.0 and higher) devices.

New phones may be added to this list.

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