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Is there a gap in your Medicare offerings?

TruHearing® can help.

1 in 3 US adults 65-74 have hearing loss.* Treating it is critical to improve members’ overall health and wellness.

Hearing solutions offer:

Competitive advantage

Hearing solutions can help plans stand out and improve member satisfaction and retention. 84% of members say their experience with TruHearing improved their view of their plan.*

Lower member costs

TruHearing members save an average of $2,642 per pair of hearing aids.* The #1 motivator to treating hearing loss is having a hearing solution.* Increasing access to care can lead to higher member retention and improved overall health.

Whole-person care

Falls are costly and a higher risk among those with hearing loss.

  • • People with untreated moderate hearing loss are 5-8x more at risk of falls*
  • • Falls cost the healthcare system $50B annually*

Leaving hearing loss unaddressed is related to multiple mental health issues.

  • • Untreated hearing loss increases the odds of experiencing anxietydepression,* isolation, and loneliness*
  • • Hearing loss is the #1 modifiable risk for preventing dementia*

We're the #1 market share leader and we're ready to enhance your solution offering.

19+ years

partnering with the nation’s largest payers


covered lives*


plans and partners


of the US lives within 10 miles of a TruHearing provider*

TruHearing is more than a hearing vendor. They are a trusted partner who takes the time to understand your needs and anticipate the best way to serve your members. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to work with.”

—Plan partner in Tennessee

TruHearing can structure solutions according to your specific needs.

Flexible solutions

With fee coverage options or allowances

Value-optimizing formularies

With technology from the top 6 manufacturers

Affordable solutions funding

Structured as fee-for-service (FFS) or per member per month (PMPM)


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