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Four valuable advantages of offering hearing health coverage.

1. Higher quality of life

When people have trouble hearing, they pull away from others, leading to self-isolation and loneliness. Did you know that after just 4 to 6 weeks of hearing aid use, loneliness dramatically declines?*

2. Healthcare cost savings

Treating hearing loss decreases overall healthcare expenditure. Research shows that for nearly 5,000 adults, untreated hearing loss was associated with 46% higher total healthcare costs over a 10-year period compared to costs for those without hearing loss.*

3. Increased productivity

Hearing loss is related to memory issues and confusion, impacting workplace productivity and a company’s bottom line. The stress and frustration that arises from struggling to hear in video calls or noisy environments can be alleviated with affordable hearing care.

4. Higher employee satisfaction

Healthier people feel more satisfied with their job. Comprehensive coverage gives employees the confidence to stay more engaged and more loyal to their employer, which reduces expensive turnover.

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