Expanding the Hearing Aid Market Through Managed Care

The hearing aid industry is changing. The growth of big box retailers, emerging online models, and clinic consolidation are putting pressure on the independent provider. Managed care is also seeing unprecedented growth as forward-looking health plans look to make hearing aids more affordable for their members. In contrast to other changes in the industry, TruHearing believes the growth of managed care presence in hearing aids is a positive development for providers, patients and the hearing healthcare marketplace as a whole.

Hearing aid benefits attract more qualified patients to the marketplace and independent providers can position themselves to take advantage of this growth. TruHearing is the partner to help make it happen. Here’s why:

  • We Champion Providers: While many industry innovators are cutting providers out of the equation, TruHearing is partnering with them. That’s because truly positive outcomes and great patient experiences only happen when highly skilled providers are part of the process. At TruHearing, “partner” isn’t a buzzword – it’s part of our DNA.
  • We Shoulder the Patient Acquisition Costs: When we send you patients, it comes at no cost: No cost to participate; No cost to acquire the patients; No cost to increase traffic to your practice.
  • We Help You Fill Empty Chair Time: Empty chairs have an opportunity cost, so TruHearing helps you make the most of your “sunk costs.” Our program augments your existing practice without adding overhead, and that helps grow your bottom line.
  • We Connect You to New Patient Segments: We send you health plan members that wouldn’t otherwise consider purchasing hearing aids without help from their insurance. With the backing of their health plans, these patients are educated about hearing aids and conversion data shows they’re more likely to buy than other patient segments.

Let’s Do This! If your practice is ready to leverage Managed Care, we’re ready to help. Call today to join our growing, nationwide provider network. A Network Management Representative is ready to answer your questions about how to participate in our program.

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“The current process is working well for our facility. We see several TruHearing patients each month and appreciate the easy online process of assisting the patients with their needs.”

Case Studies

Click below to download case studies of real providers using TruHearing to supplement their practice and grow their patient base.

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