High-value, Turnkey Hearing Aid Solutions that Work

TruHearing partners with health plans and health benefit administrators to provide full-service hearing healthcare coverage for their members. Our programs:

  • Save you and your members money

  • Help you attract and retain members

  • Give your members a highly satisfying experience

In fact, over 85% of customers report an improved opinion of their health plan as a result of using TruHearing.*

* Based on current TruHearing customer satisfaction measurements.

Want to Learn More About Our Hearing Health Care Programs?

    Hearing Loss Affects a Significant Portion of Your Member Base

    In fact, approximately 15% of all Americans report they suffer from hearing loss. That number increases exponentially among older adults and workers with consistent exposure to loud noises. What’s more, studies show an ever-increasing number of teens and young adults are suffering from hearing loss. Forward thinking health plans and benefits administrators see the potential in this under-served segment. Yet, widespread adoption of hearing healthcare programs has been limited. Why? Because hearing aids are expensive—and so are hearing aid benefits.

    TruHearing’s programs solve that. Our solutions are low-cost for your members and you! See for yourself:

    Value-Add Programs

    $0 for you

    Fixed nationwide pricing at 30-60% off retail for your members


    View Full Hearing Aid Line and Prices

    Customizable Embedded Benefit Programs

    Start at less than

    $.10 PMPM for you

    Low, flexible copayment structures of no more than $999  for your members


    Contact us for details.

    Already have a hearing aid benefit? You’re likely paying too much.


    Some plans cover an allowed amount toward the purchase of hearing aids. The problem is that allowances are expensive for your plan to offer and only cover a small portion of the costs of the hearing aids, leaving your members with thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. TruHearing’s programs can simultaneously lower the costs of providing a benefit and your members’ out-of-pocket costs by controlling the costs of the hearing aids themselves.

    If you currently offer a hearing aid allowance, call us today and we’ll show you how much you and your members can save: 1-844-235-0595

    The High Cost of Hearing Loss

    The average retail cost of quality digital hearing aids can range from $1,500, for entry-level products, to more than $3,000, for premium products—and that’s per aid! But hearing loss has other large associated costs, many of which are borne by your organization. For example:

    Average cost per fall


    Hearing loss sufferers are 3x more likely1 to experience catastrophic falls.2

    Average yearly per patient cost to treat depression


    Hearing loss sufferers are 2x more likely to experience depression.3,4

    Average yearly per patient cost to treat dementia


    Hearing loss sufferers are 3x more likely5 to suffer from dementia6

    Untreated hearing loss is an expensive proposition. The solution is to mitigate these costs by providing your members with low-cost, high-quality hearing aids from TruHearing.

    85 Plans and Partners, 130 Million Lives, and More Than 15 Years of Saving Members Millions of Dollars

    TruHearing has a wide breadth of practical experience administering hearing aid benefit programs in managed care environments, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial health plans, labor groups, employer groups, state retiree organizations, and many more.

    Our solutions include:

    High-Quality Hearing Aid Technology

    • Products from the top manufacturers
    • Backed by comprehensive warranties

    A Nationwide Provider Network

    • Delegated network options
    • Over 6,400 providers give your members convenient access to care
    • Accredited by NCQA in credentialing and recredentialing

    Best-in-Class Account Support

    • Seamless implementations
    • Member awareness programs at no cost to you
    • Comprehensive training

    Program Options that Fit Your Budget

    • Capitated arrangements
    • Fee-for-service arrangements
    • Fully insured and voluntary arrangements
    • No cost value-add programs

    Find out how our low-cost hearing benefits programs can help you attract and retain members. Contact us today: 1-844-235-0595
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