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Should I get two hearing aids even though one ear is nearly deaf?

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Right now I wear one BTE aid in my left ear which has a 30% hearing loss. My right ear has an 85-90% loss. My provider said because of that loss, an aid in that ear would not help, so consequently when attending meetings, parties, and sporting events, the hearing noise is unbearable with no sense of understanding or where it’s coming from. Face to face with one person is no problem. Very frustrating! In your opinion would two aids help even though I have much more loss in the right ear? Please advise.


Based on how you describe your condition, I would strongly recommend trying a BiCROS solution. Recent advances in technology have made a huge difference in how we treat hearing loss when one ear hears substantially better than the other. BiCROS (bilateral microphones with contralateral routing of signal) hearing aids pass sound information gathered on the “bad” ear side to the hearing aid on the “good” ear, emulating binaural hearing. Just like two eyes give you depth perception (stereoscopic vision), two ears help us listen and understand sounds in complex auditory environments. BiCROS hearing aids help the brain in the same way.

Right now with just one hearing aid, your brain isn’t getting much help from the side with more profound hearing loss. A BiCROS may help you with the difficulties you describe. I have had phenomenal success with my patients with similar conditions. I love to have a patient try them out with a family member speaking from the bad ear side and then watch them light up.

BiCROS hearing aids can really improve quality of life. You can drive a car and carry on a conversation with the passenger. You can better understand who is speaking in a group situation. New wireless technology makes BiCROS hearing aids just as comfortable and cosmetically pleasing as any other type of hearing aid. Most important, they may be able to help you achieve better overall hearing. Many hearing aid purchases come with a trial period (TruHearing purchases include a 45-day trial period), which is a low-risk way to see if a BiCROS solution is right for you.

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