TruHearing Choice Gives You Hearing Aids for 30-60% off Retail Prices

TruHearing Choice is our most widely available hearing aid discount program. Health plan members with this program enjoy:

  • Average savings of $980 per hearing aid
  • Low, transparent pricing
  • Digital hearing aids priced between $695 and $2,250
  • Access to a wide variety of models, styles, colors, and features
  • Flexible payment options to meet your needs

Not sure if your insurance provides you with TruHearing Choice discounts? One of our Hearing Consultants can verify your program eligibility in minutes.

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TruHearing Choice Product Category Comparison

TruHearing Choice offers a rich array of models, styles, colors, and features to meet your hearing loss needs. Whether you need hearing aids that are virtually undetectable or ones that connect to your smartphone or TV, we have an option to meet your needs and budget.

  • Technology Level

  • Natural Sound Level

  • Listening Environment

  • Styles

  • Programs

  • Channels

  • Features

  • Pricing

  • Technology Level


  • Natural Sound Level
  • Listening Environment

    Optimized for everyday environments like home and work

  • Styles

    Majority of styles available

  • Programs

    Up to 3

  • Channels

    Up to 9

    • Features
    • Digital processing
    • Feedback cancellation
    • Noise reduction
    • Speech enhancement
    • Wireless connectivity (to connect to TVs, telephone, etc.)
    • Wind noise reduction
    • Frequency shift
    • Directional microphones
  • Pricing

    Starting at $695

  • Technology Level


  • Natural Sound Level
  • Listening Environment

    Designed for more challenging environments like restaurants and meetings

  • Styles

    All styles including invisible in the canal and receiver in the canal

  • Programs

    Up to 4

  • Channels

    Up to 14

    • All Standard features plus:
    • Advanced digital processing
    • Adjustable feedback cancellation
    • Adjustable speech enhancement
  • Pricing

    Starting at $1,195

  • Technology Level


  • Natural Sound Level
  • Listening Environment

    For users constantly immersed in the most difficult environments like large groups or areas with continuous loud background noise

  • Styles

    All styles including invisible in the canal and receiver in the canal

  • Programs

    Up to 5

  • Channels

    Up to 20

    • All Advanced features plus:
    • Premium digital processing
    • Automatic feedback cancellation
    • Automatic speech enhancement
  • Pricing

    Starting at $1,495

Explore flexible payment options to meet your needs

For our full product listing go here or call now to speak with a Hearing Consultant, who can answer your questions: 1-800-334-1807

“I got [a hearing aid] for less than half of what it would normally cost because of TruHearing. My quality of life has skyrocketed… it has soared to heights I couldn’t imagine.”

-Chris Palmer, TruHearing Customer

Your TruHearing Purchase Comes with:

TruHearing Exclusive Pricing

Because you are a valued health plan member, your insurance has secured low prices on hearing aids from TruHearing. That means you’ll save thousands of dollars compared to pricing you’d get on your own*.

Quality Hearing Aids

TruHearing only sells models from the leading hearing aid manufacturers. We believe in quality, so even our standard-level models are rated higher than typical entry-level hearing aids. No matter your level of hearing loss or budget, we have an option that will work for you.

A Trusted Hearing Care Provider

Personalized treatment from a hearing care provider is vital to addressing hearing loss. But how do you find a reputable and qualified one? TruHearing does it for you: Our providers are highly skilled in testing, diagnosing, and recommending the best hearing aids for you.

A Personal Hearing Consultant

When you call, you’ll be assigned a Hearing Consultant who will answer your questions and make sure you get the care you deserve. Your Consultant will also be your point of contact as we interface with your insurance and submit claims on our behalf.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Your hearing aids come with a 45-day trial and full backup support. In the rare case you have a problem, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got full warranty protection with a 3-year manufacturer warranty and a 3-year loss or damage warranty.

A Path to Better Hearing

We help you successfully transition to using your hearing aids by including up to three provider visits for fitting and adjustments. You also get 48 FREE batteries per aid, and ongoing educational information sent right to your inbox.

TruHearing can verify your hearing aid coverage and can handle most applicable claim submissions, minimizing your headaches and out-of-pocket costs.

*Based on a nationwide survey of average retail hearing aid prices. Replacement fees may apply. Free battery offer is not applicable to the purchase of rechargeable hearing aid models.

What Happens When You Call?

We make it easy to get affordable hearing aids and service. We’re there every step of the way, and it’s simple to get started:

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Give Us a Call

Your TruHearing Hearing Consultant will answer any questions, check your insurance eligibility, including verifying your copayment amount, and set up an appointment with a certified TruHearing provider near you.

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Go to Your Appointment

Our provider will perform a hearing exam and recommend hearing aids that accommodate your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

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Get Full Support Going Forward

After the provider fits your hearing aids, you get a 45-day trial period, 3-year warranty, and follow-up support to ensure you’re happy with your new hearing aids.

Call now to speak with a Hearing Consultant: 1-800-334-1807

Save on Batteries: Get 120 Batteries for Only $39

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