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Hearing aids with 2 and 5 channels

Are hearing aids with more channels better than hearing aids with fewer channels? Is it worth the extra cost to get a hearing aid with more channels?


The difference between a hearing aid with more channels and a hearing aid with fewer channels is fairly simple—more channels allow the provider to adjust the volume of a greater number of frequencies across the hearing spectrum. Whether or not this makes the hearing aid “better” or worth the additional cost is largely dependent on your personal hearing loss.

Research studies show that after six channels, additional channels do not have much effect on your ability to understand speech. However, more advanced hearing aids have special features that allow a provider to adjust individual channels to address certain aspects of your hearing loss. For example, if you are unusually sensitive to loud noises at a certain pitch, the volume can be adjusted for that specific channel.

To find out if more channels will benefit you, the best thing you can do is schedule a hearing evaluation and talk to your provider about your individual hearing loss. The provider will help you determine if it makes sense to invest in a hearing aid with more channels. Keep in mind, the most important factor in a hearing aid is not the number of channels, but that it effectively addresses your unique hearing needs.

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