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No one expects to experience hearing loss, but it happens to hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

As part of your <MediGold> plan you have a hearing aid benefit available through TruHearing®. We are with you at every step of your journey to treat hearing loss—so you can reclaim your life, reconnect with loved ones, and rediscover the world around you.

August is wearing a custom TruHearing Premium hearing aid.

Your hearing care benefit.

There’s never been a better time to address your hearing loss. <MediGold> provides you a hearing benefit through TruHearing which will allow you to see substantial savings on top of the line hearing aids and professional care. <Your plan covers up to two hearing aids per year.>

Your plan

Hearing aid

Original Medicare cost per aid

Savings per aid

Copay per aid

<MediGold No Premium (HMO)>
<MediGold Cash Back No Premium (HMO)>   

TruHearing Premium




Exam: $<0> copay

TruHearing Advanced




<MediGold Plus (HMO)>
<MediGold Cash Back No Premium MA Only (HMO)>

TruHearing Premium




Exam: $<0> copay

TruHearing Advanced




Rechargeable battery option is available on select styles for an additional <$50> per hearing aid.

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3 steps to better hearing.

Getting the care you need for your hearing loss is simple with TruHearing.

Here’s how to get started.

Give us a call.

Your dedicated Hearing Consultant will answer any questions you might have, check your coverage, and schedule an appointment with a TruHearing provider1 near you. (Teleaudiology options may also be available.)

Go to your appointment.

Your local hearing health provider will perform a hearing exam and, if needed, recommend hearing aids that best fit your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

Get the support you need.

Follow-up care from your provider ensures your hearing aids feel right and perform properly, and ongoing support from TruHearing will help you get comfortable with your new hearing aids.

To receive TruHearing’s cost savings and concierge care, you must call TruHearing at <1-877-759-3548>
and have a Hearing Consultant book your appointment.

The TruHearing difference.

TruHearing gives you more than affordable hearing aids. From start to finish, you get complete hearing care!

Top-quality products

We offer the latest Advanced and Premium hearing aids in models packed with the latest technology. No matter your lifestyle, budget, or level of hearing loss, we have options for you.

Lower out-of-pocket costs

Your hearing benefit can save you thousands out-of-pocket compared to treating your hearing loss on your own. To further reduce cost, non-rechargeable aids come with 80 free batteries.

Local providers

Finding a qualified hearing professional is no problem. 85% of members live within 10 miles of a TruHearing provider.² Your provider takes care of your hearing test and will prescribe and order the best hearing aids for your needs.

Ongoing support

We help you successfully adjust to your hearing aids by including one year of follow-up visits with your provider for fitting and adjustments. You’ll also get educational information sent directly to you.

Full warranty coverage

Your hearing aids come with a 60-day no-risk trial period and full support from TruHearing. In addition, every TruHearing purchase includes the full protection of a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Struggling to hear?

In less than 5 minutes, you can find out if you might have hearing loss.

Understanding hearing aid technology.

Today’s hearing aids fall into different levels of technology. Each level offers a unique range of features and connectivity, and each is best suited to different listening environments.

Your benefit gives you access to the latest hearing aid models, styles, colors, and technology—while offering significant out-of-pocket savings.


Up to 32 channels

Most styles available

Natural sound level

Advanced hearing aids are for an active lifestyle and challenging environments.

Key features:

  • • (Re)Mix technology
  • • Own Voice Processing 2 (OVP 2)
  • • Advanced automated digital processing
  • • Adjustable speech enhancement
  • • Adjustable feedback cancellation
  • • Noise reduction
  • • Wireless connectivity
  • • Rechargeability


Up to 48 channels

All styles available

Natural sound level

Premium hearing aids support you in the most challenging environments, like restaurants or large groups of people.

Key features:

  • • (Re)Mix technology
  • • Own Voice Processing 2 (OVP 2)
  • • AutoEchoShield reduces reverberation
  • • Premium automated digital processing
  • • Premium automated speech enhancement
  • • Premium automated feedback cancellation
  • • Adaptive directional microphones
  • • Wind noise management
  • • Automatic noise reduction
  • • Wireless connectivity
  • • Rechargeability
  • • Extended bandwidth for better sound perception
  • • Impulse sound management

(Re)Claim the life you want.

Connect deeply.

Better hearing makes it easier to communicate, be socially active, and
connect with ones you love.

Live happily.

Improved hearing can reduce feelings
of loneliness and isolation.³

Stay healthy.

Treating your hearing loss can reduce the risk of serious health risks like falls4 and dementia.5

Still not sure? Learn more about the importance of hearing health.

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