Mid-Level Standard Digital Hearing Aids Covered in Full for UAW Trust Members

TruHearing® is the hearing aid administrator for Trust members in the following plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield Enhanced Care PPO (ECP), Blue Cross Blue Shield Traditional Care Network (TCN), Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage PPO, Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO

Members can get a wide range of the latest hearing aids at four copay levels. The benefit allows for a hearing assessment and up to two (2) mid-level standard digital hearing aids covered in full, once every 36 months using a TruHearing provider, as well as:

  • 45-day risk-free trial period
  • Free office visits for the first 6 months after purchase
  • 3-year warranty
  • 48 free batteries per aid (for non-rechargeable models)
  • The convenience of over 5,000 provider locations nationwide
  • Follow-up care and ongoing hearing health education

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Hearing Aid Copays for Trust Members

These copays are available for members of BCBS Enhanced Care PPO (ECP), BCBS Traditional Care Network (TCN) – Medicare, BCBS Medicare Advantage Plan, and Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan.


$0 Copay per aid

  • 38 hearing aids to choose from


$250 Copay per aid

  • 51 hearing aids to choose from


$500 Copay per aid

  • 54 hearing aids to choose from


$650 Copay per aid

  • 53 hearing aids to choose from

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Our provider will perform a hearing exam and recommend hearing aids that accommodate your hearing loss, budget and lifestyle.

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Get full support going forward

After the provider fits your hearing aids, you get a 45-day trial period, 3-year warranty and follow-up support to ensure you’re happy with your new hearing aids.

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