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Get back the joyof hearing.

Exclusively for PacificSource Medicare members with hearing loss

Better hearing helps us stay connected to the ones we love. TruHearing® makes it easy to treat your hearing loss, so you can get back to living your best life.

Unsure if you have hearing loss?

Find out with our fast, free online screening.

Three easy steps to better hearing

We're with you every step of the way


Call a TruHearing Consultant who can answer your questions and set an exam with a provider near you. 

Get a comprehensive hearing exam from a TruHearing provider, who will recommend hearing aids that accommodate your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

Receive free aftercare, including one year of follow-up visits for fitting, adjustments, and ongoing education to make sure you are completely satisfied with your hearing aids.

To receive TruHearing’s cost savings and concierge care, you must call TruHearing and have a Hearing Consultant book your appointment.

Save thousands on the highest-quality hearing aids with PacificSource Medicare and TruHearing

Hearing Aid Coverage

Your plan covers up to two hearing aids per year.

2022 Benefits

Routine Exam

TruHearing Standard

16 Channels | 4 Programs

Retail: $1,719 / per aid


TruHearing Advanced

32 Channels | 6 Programs

Retail: $2,720 / per aid


TruHearing Premium*

48 Channels | 6 Programs

Retail: $3,250 / per aid



 PacificSource Medicare


*Rechargeable battery option is available on select styles for an additional $50 per hearing aid.

Have questions about your hearing coverage?

Call TruHearing to get the details


Still not sure? Consider how better hearing affects your health.

Research shows that hearing loss plays a major role in our physical and mental well-being. Simply put, better hearing is good for your body and brain.

Improve brain function

Maintain strong relationships

Live independently

Hearing better keeps our minds sharp
Better hearing keeps us connected to our loved ones
Hearing better keeps you alert and can improve balance




Discover more ways addressing your hearing loss can improve your overall health.

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We handle your entire hearing care experience

TruHearing gets high ratings from patients with all types of hearing loss. Here's why:

Guidance and assistance from a dedicated TruHearing Hearing Consultant

Expert care at over 7,000 provider locations across the nation

A comprehensive hearing exam, plus one year of follow-up visits for fitting and adjustments

Risk-free purchase thanks to our 60-day trial period

Full 3-year manufacturer warranty on every device

80 free batteries included with all non-rechargeable hearing aids

Aftercare support and educational materials to ensure you’re happy with your new hearing aids  

Hearing aid technology level comparison

hearing aid lineup

TruHearing provides you, and your families, access to the latest hearing aid 

models, styles, colors, and technology.







Best for predictable environments, like at home

Best for more challenging environments, like offices, or when in motion

Best for the most challenging environments, like restaurants, or when in large groups of people


Up to 16 channels

Up to 32 channels

Up to 48 channels


Many styles available

Most styles available

All Styles available


+ Manual digital processing
+ Adjustable speech enhancement

+ Adjustable feedback cancellation 
+ Noise reduction  
+ Bluetooth®
+ TruHearing app remote controls
+ MFI (Made For iPhone) connectivity
+ Tinnitus management
+ Own Voice Processing (OVP®)

+ Advanced (Re)Mix digital processing
+ Adjustable speech enhancement 

+ Adjustable feedback cancellation
+ Noise reduction   + Bluetooth®
+ TruHearing app with remote and health insights
+ MFA (Made For All) connectivity
+ Acoustic motion sensors
+ Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0
+ Own Voice Processing (OVP®)

+ Tinnitus management with noise and
notch therapy

+ Premium (Re)Mix digital processing
+ Automatic speech enhancement
+ Automatic feedback cancellation
+ Automatic noise reduction  + Rechargeability 
+ Bluetooth®
+ TruHearing app with remote and health insights
+ MFA (Made For All) connectivity
+ Acoustic motion sensors
+ Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0
+ Extended bandwidth for better perception of speech and sound
+ Own Voice Processing (OVP®)
+ e2e wireless for the true binaural hearing
+ EchoShield
+ Tinnitus management with noise and notch therapy
+ Increased input dynamic range for clean, crisp sounds

Contact us to start on the path to better hearing today


** Must be performed by a TruHearing network provider.




One year of follow up visits for fitting and adjustments must be used within the first 12 months following purchase.

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