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Question:Why Don’t Insurance Companies Cover Hearing Aids?

May 3, 2019Author: Austin Singelton, Au.D.

Avatar of Austin Singelton, Au.D.Answer:Why Don’t Insurance Companies Cover Hearing Aids? Answer: Actually, many of them do! Although hearing aids have not traditionally been covered by most insurance companies, that’s rapidly changing. In fact, just a couple of years ago, only 46% of Medicare enrollees had some type of coverage for hearing aids. In 2018, 73% of Medicare members
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Question:Will Hearing Aids Slow Down Hearing Loss in My Ears?

January 8, 2019Author: Jorge Zavala

Avatar of Jorge ZavalaAnswer:I have a slight upper-frequency hearing loss in my right ear. Will wearing a hearing aid slow down hearing loss in this ear? Answer: No, unfortunately wearing hearing aids does not slow down hearing loss. Their function is to reduce the impact that hearing loss has on your ability to hear and comprehend the sounds
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Question:Are hearing aids with more channels better?

January 6, 2019Author: Donovan Davisson

Avatar of Donovan DavissonAnswer:Are hearing aids with more channels better than hearing aids with fewer channels? Is it worth the extra cost to get a hearing aid with more channels? Answer The difference between a hearing aid with more channels and a hearing aid with fewer channels is fairly simple—more channels allow the provider to adjust the volume
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Question:Can Hearing Aids Be Adjusted to Help Me Understand Consonants Better?

December 6, 2018Author: Jorge Zavala

Avatar of Jorge ZavalaAnswer:I have worn hearing aids for 9 years, but lately the understanding—especially consonants—has diminished. The volume, at least according to volume-level on TV, has stayed the same. Can hearing aids be adjusted to help with consonants? Answer: Yes, your hearing aids can usually be adjusted to help with consonants. Most of the sounds in the
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Question:How often should hearing aids be replaced?

December 5, 2018Author: Donovan Davisson

Avatar of Donovan DavissonAnswer:Question: How often should hearing aids be replaced? Answer: With care and regular maintenance a good pair of hearing aids can last up to five years. Here are a few smart practices that can extend the life of your hearing aid. Regular Cleaning Ear wax and other buildup can accumulate quickly and cause lasting harm
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Question:Would a BTE (Behind-the-ear) Model Be Best for Me?

November 6, 2018Author: Jorge Zavala

Avatar of Jorge ZavalaAnswer:I have had hearing loss in my left ear for years due to a shotgun going off close by, and I have hearing loss due to aging in my right ear. Would a behind-the-ear (BTE) model have more power for amplification due to larger battery size? Do in-the-ear (ITE) models have the same amplification power
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Question:How Can I Reduce Feedback from My Hearing Aids?

May 9, 2017Author: Brian Emery

Avatar of Brian EmeryAnswer:I have been getting a lot of feedback (high pitched noise) lately in my right aid. The only way to reduce it is by turning the volume down to almost nothing. Any suggestions? Answer: There are a couple of different possibilities that may be contributing to your problem. First, you may have an increased need
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Question:I Have Difficulty Hearing in Group and Individual Conversations. How Can I Fix This?

May 9, 2017Author: Brian Emery

Avatar of Brian EmeryAnswer:Even with my hearing aids, I have difficulty hearing in both group situations and individual conversations. I hear the sound, but can’t understand the words. How can I fix this? Answer: Everyone’s hearing is unique, so it would be best to ask this question in person to your local provider, who can offer counseling and
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Question:What’s the Best Hearing Aid?

May 9, 2017Author: Brian Emery

Avatar of Brian EmeryAnswer:What’s the best hearing aid? Answer: There are six major manufacturers, and they all make very good equipment. The top manufacturers all offer a lineup of products that includes more basic hearing aids at the lower end of the price scale as well as high-end hearing aids that feature the latest advances in technology. The
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Question:Do low-priced, over-the-counter hearing aids work?

March 10, 2017Author: Michael Schneller

Avatar of Michael SchnellerAnswer:I see ads for low-priced hearing aids developed by an MD with testimonials bragging about great results. Do they really work? Answer: The low-priced hearing aids you’re referring to aren’t a bad option if you just want to experiment with improving your hearing. It’s like going to the store and picking up some cheap reading
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