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I have had hearing loss in my left ear for years due to a shotgun going off close by, and I have hearing loss due to aging in my right ear. Would a behind-the-ear (BTE) model have more power for amplification due to larger battery size? Do in-the-ear (ITE) models have the same amplification power as the BTE models? What type of hearing aid would be best for me?

In some cases of hearing loss, a BTE hearing aid is absolutely necessary, but usually only if a really powerful hearing aid is needed. However, ITE models are quite powerful and will generally address more severe hearing loss.

More powerful aids often use a larger battery, but large batteries aren’t just for more power. They can be also used to provide a longer battery life and may be easier to manipulate for someone with dexterity challenges.

The other thing to keep in mind is more power doesn’t always result in better audibility. Just making sounds louder isn’t always the best way to address hearing loss. In some cases of noise-induced hearing loss, like a close-proximity gunshot, the type of damage may require a different treatment. For example, your provider may recommend using a hearing aid with an audibility extender feature to shift the sounds at a frequency where you can’t hear to another frequency region where they are still audible.

Everyone’s hearing profile is unique, so it’s important to visit a hearing professional near you for a full hearing examination. Identifying the fine details of your individual hearing loss will allow your provider to help you select the right hearing aid and get the best possible outcome.

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Jorge S. Zavala, Au.D., is the owner of Norriton Hearing Center in Norristown, PA

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