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What to expect
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Case History

Your provider will ask about your hearing history, noise exposure during your lifetime, any surgeries or previous hearing aid use.


A quick look into your ears to check for wax build up, blockage, or infection.

Air Conduction

While wearing earphones, you'll listen to various tones and indicate when you're able to hear the beeps. An audiogram report establishes the softest level you can hear and identifies exactly the tones you have difficulty hearing. Your audiogram is like a personal "prescription" for your hearing aid.

Speech Testing

This two-part test measures your auditory nerve's abilities to understand speech. A Speech Recognition Test identifies the softest volume at which you can understand familiar words. Your provider will say a word, and you'll repeat it back. The volume will get softer as the test continues. In the Word Discrimination Test, your provider will state 10-25 words and have you repeat them. This happens at a comfortable volume level and helps determine the percentage of words you can understand.

Hearing Aid Recommendations

Your provider will recommend one or more aids based on your specific hearing loss, listening needs, and lifestyle.


Your provider will also show you the TruHearing Member pricing for the aid or aids that would work best for you. You'll choose a style that is right for your hearing loss, dexterity needs, and cosmetic preference.


What is your MemberPlus
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Your MemberPlus Enrollment Code is provided through your health plan or employer group. If you cannot find it, contact your health benefit administrator or HR manager.




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